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8 things you should do when renting a serviced apartment

You are planning your long business trip to a far-away place. You look for information for your reference and prepare everything well before the trip begins. When renting a serviced apartment, there are things you should do or must consider carefully. So what are those? Let’s find out with SILA Urban Living right here!

08 things you should do when renting a serviced apartment

1. Choosing the appropriate apartment


You make a list of apartments, carefully check the information about the rooms, equipment, and services that the landlord will provide, refer to the comments and reviews of other customers about the level of satisfaction and quality of life as well as the surrounding environment of the apartment, you will easily make the most accurate choice.

2. Checking the rental price to refer

Serviced apartment rental prices are diverse, ranging from low, medium to luxury. Depending on your needs and income level or the budget of a business trip, you can check the rental prices of each apartment in advance, so that you can be financially proactive and choose an apartment that suits your budget.

3. Determine the location of the apartment

The location of the apartment is also very important because it is very much related to your work, as well as your time for transportation. Choosing an apartment which closes to your workplace as well as in a convenient place for other family members. It will help you save money and transportation time, and be more convenient for all your work.

4. Carefully review the terms & conditions of lease agreement

When renting an apartment especially for a long time, you should carefully consider the terms and condition prepared in the lease agreement, including lessor information, lease terms, deposit and payment, rights and obligations of the two parties, complimentary utilities, electricity allowance, policies and regulations of the apartment, so that you can discuss and negotiate the most reasonable terms and condition before signing the lease agreement.

5. Checking the apartment amenities


Before checking in the serviced apartment, you should check carefully all the amenities and furniture inside the apartment that are listed in the agreement to make sure that all are still in good working. In case there is any damage, please inform the Lessor to have the most suitable repair or replacement, avoiding unnecessary costs during the stay.

6. Consider the safety & security

Wherever you are, security also needs to be the priority to ensure your safety and avoid the worst situations. Therefore, you should choose accommodation with a guaranteed security system and equipped with CCTV systems, magnetic key cards and always have a security team on duty 24/24.

7. Read the apartment’s regulations carefully

This will help you comply with the regulations of the apartment and avoid unnecessary troubles during your stay at the apartment. At the same time, do not lose your money by services with high surcharges.

8. Observe and seeking for the exits

Right at the time you have a site inspection at the apartment, you should pay attention to the exits and the fire protection system in the building. This is the skill you should have if you plan to live in apartments, hotels or serviced apartments.

Above are some of the information that SILA Urban Living – Ho Chi Minh serviced apartment wants to share with customers, especially for those who are planning to live in the serviced apartments. Hopefully, this information will help you to choose the ideal place to stay for a long business trip.



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We hope that the above information from SILA Urban Living serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City will help you know the best place to visit right in District 3. Stay with us, and you can live in luxury while exploring nearby destinations.


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