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Experiences and the most important things you should know when traveling in groups

For young people or students, traveling in a group is not too strange. Group trips are an opportunity to rekindle friendships, as well as a chance to create more bonds between members. However, there will be a lot of issues to keep in mind, especially the leader of the group will be the one who will make the most reasonable schedule for the group.

Here is what you need to know about traveling in a group.

1. Why you should travel in a group?


It is not only an opportunity to meet and exchange, traveling in a group also brings many other interesting benefits such as:

Learn and discover new things

We often say “Travel broadens the mind”. Traveling in groups is a way for you to have more experiences about life in new lands, special dishes or the difference in the way of life, thinking, costumes of each country, each region.

It absolutely will be more interesting and wonderful to experience these things with your close friends.

Save cost for accommodation and transportation

Traveling in a group will help you save some cost of accommodation, transportation, meals and sightseeing tickets. Besides that, you will have a big deal or super promotion for your group.

More understanding, more connecting

The trips will be an opportunity for group members to have more chances to talk to each other and review memories. Hence, they will understand, love, and bond with each other more and more.

2. Tips for a fun and comfortable trips

One of the most important things that determine the success of a group trip is good planning and well organizing the trip. You should pay attention to these things as per below:

Choose the right companion

It will be much more comfortable and fun if your friends all have the same interests and personalities. This not only saves time for your planning but also gives you an interesting and meaningful trip.

Keep good health and spirit

To have a perfect trip, you need to have good health and spirit to not interrupt your trip as well as other members.

In addition to protecting your health, before traveling you should prepare some cold medicine, pain reliever, fever reducer, stomach ache and insect repellent cream just in case you need it.

Make a specific schedule


A specific plan that includes a trip schedule places to visit and travel time will help your group be more comfortable and secure during the trip. Assign specific things to prepare for the team members, and they should be responsible for it.

In addition, your team should have a few backup plans to avoid being passive in some situations.

Refer and book tickets, making a hotel reservation in advance

To save money on accommodation and travel, you should check airfares, bus or train tickets and hotel tariffs in advance. If the price is reasonable or in the promotion period, you should book in advance as soon as possible, to avoid the ticket price will increase or the hotel will run out of rooms when getting closer to the departure date.

In addition, for early bird booking, you will receive many incentives or even discounts up to 40-50% of the total cost of the trip.

Travel light

When traveling, especially to places with many passes and slopes like Da Lat and Sapa, it’s best to bring loose, comfortable clothes that can absorb sweat well. Along with a pair of low-heeled sports shoes, it’s possible to walk easily on any mountainous terrain. You should select clothes that need to luggage the most compact but still enough.

The important things to remember when traveling in a group

  • Observe safety rules when traveling with a group by motorbike. Do not accelerate, overtake carelessly and always be careful when driving in difficult terrain.
  • Do not climb slopes or passes and wade streams alone. Stay away from difficult terrains, dangerous places.
  • You should carefully check the weather and climate of the travel destination to prepare appropriate clothing and luggage. For example, if you book a plane ticket to Hanoi in the winter, the weather is very cold, you need to bring enough warm clothes, scarves, hats, gloves and preventive medicine such as cold medicine, fever, abdominal pain, cough medicine.
  • Staying in an apartment that is secure, fully furnished and convenient for transportation during your travel. The accommodation is near the destinations which are equipped with convenient facilities and reasonable prices.

Here are some experiences and important things that you should know when traveling in a group.  Hope this information from SILA Urban Living – serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City will help you when planning a group trip.

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