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Tips to book hotels for business trip  

If this is your first time in Ho Chi Minh City for a business trip, you will surely encounter many difficulties in choosing and finding suitable accommodation, especially when making a hotel reservation.

So how can people easily book the best hotel? Let’s find out with SILA Urban Living right here.

Choose a hotel that is located near the workplace


If you are not familiar with the streets and the hustle and bustle of Saigon, it is best to choose a hotel near your workplace. This will help you to save the transportation costs and your time as well.

Choose a quiet hotel

Quiet is the first criterion for people from other places to work in Saigon. Not being used to the noise of vehicles in the city is the reason why you feel distracted, headache, even uncomfortable.

Therefore, you need to ensure a quiet space to relax your mind and prepare everything better for the next working day.


Choose the best quality hotel

You should search a few hotels in advance and then find the customer reviews or comments about those places to see how are the qualities as well as what are the most suitable accommodation for your stay.

Pay close attention to the information about location, services, security, and available facilities, to choose the best hotel which suits the budget of your business trip.

Interested in free amenities in the hotel

Before check-in, the hotel staff will advise about the services and amenities you will receive during your stay.

At that time, remember to pay attention to the free utilities listed right in the list and plan to use them most reasonably, avoiding wasting the money that you have spent, as well as saving costs for a trip.

Asking about services that are not on the free list

In addition to being interested in free utilities, don’t forget to ask for the information about services that are not mentioned in this list.

For the paid services such as laundry, airport transfer, restaurant, you should ask about the cost of each service, estimate extra expenses to spend appropriately, and don’t go over your budget.

Consider renting serviced apartments for your long business trip


When you go on a business trip, it means that you will have to live away from home and your family for a long time, besides that the change in living environment, unfamiliar and crowded streets, traffic jam will make you feel nervous and worried, how your business trip will be.

That is one of the reasons why you should consider renting a serviced apartment instead of a motel or hotel.

Consider as an ideal place to stay for long business trips, serviced -apartments offer many utilities from the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom to household items such as air-conditioning, television, desk phone, refrigerator, safe box, washing machine, dryer, microwave. All are fully equipped, modern, and matching all the needs of customers.

In addition, the location of the serviced apartments has often located in the city central and close to the major places such as commercial and shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, entertainment venues, and famous destinations. This position makes it convenient for you in everything.

Hopefully, the above information of SILA Urban Living – Ho Chi Minh Serviced Apartment will help those who are planning for a perfect business trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are in need of renting a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, a hotel in Saigon, please contact SILA Urban Living immediately for the assistance & the best offer.

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