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Explore Cocotte Restaurant & Bar

Nowadays, most of the hotels in Saigon have their restaurant and bar on-site to bring convenient services and satisfy all customer’s demands. SILA Urban Living has designed a unique and sophisticated restaurant and bar space with a diverse menu with rich culinary flavors. This article invites you to visit the most favorite restaurant & bar in Ho Chi Minh City.

Introduce some features about Cocotte Restaurant & Bar inside a hotel in Saigon – SILA Urban Living.

1. Location of Cocotte Restaurant & Bar


Cocotte Restaurant & Bar is located right on the ground floor, next to the hotel lobby area and the beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

Combining traditional French cuisine with the modern atmosphere of Saigon’s trendiest hotel, Cocotte aims to please and stimulate the taste buds of the most discerning food connoisseurs.

You can comfortably choose your seat next to the pool, in the quiet indoor area or outdoor space and enjoying delicious food, watching the street life and enjoying the great moments with your family, friends, colleague or business partner.

2. Cocotte Restaurant & Bar opening time

Many other Restaurants & Bars at many hotels in Saigon are limited opening times, SILA Urban Living’s Cocotte Restaurant & Bar open from 7am to bring you a delicious breakfast. We also serve lunch with a varied and constantly renewed menu.

More particularly, the restaurant is open until 10pm ready to serve you for the latest dinners. Customer satisfaction is one of the goals that SILA Urban Living. Therefore, we always try our best to bring you the most wonderful and happiest trips when you are staying at SILA Urban Living.

3. Provide event or meeting space


Cocotte Restaurant & Bar is proud to offer a beautifully designed space, perfect for small meetings, company events or gatherings of friends and partners. We can provide a wide range of services and several guests. Please feel free to contact us immediately for more details.

4. Highlights of Cocotte Restaurant & Bar

Modern and luxurious design


Cocotte Restaurant & Bar is located inside the hotel in Saigon – SILA Urban Living. Therefore, this place possesses modern, luxurious architecture.

In particular, Cocotte Restaurant & Bar is designed in an open space, so you can easily have the experience right at the pool as well as the panoramic view of the street.

Diverse and rich cuisine

The harmonious and delicate combination of French cuisine with Vietnamese cultural identity has created a unique style at Cocotte Restaurant & Bar.

Come to the Cocotte Restaurant and Bar at SILA Urban Living, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks from a menu prepared carefully combined with taste French cuisine tradition. Enjoy food and beverage at the beautiful Cocotte restaurant, or relax and treat yourself with room service to ensure your privacy.

Ensure food safety

Food safety is always a top priority and guest’s concern when choosing a restaurant and bar. However, you can be completely secure when enjoying food at the Cocotte restaurant at SILA Urban Living hotel.

With our reputation and experience for years, we always ensure food safety and hygiene, strictly inspect the quality when importing raw materials. We bring to our guest premium meals by incorporating fresh local ingredients

In addition, staffs have participated in training courses to ensure personal hygiene while working or serving customers as well. The interior of the restaurant & bar of SILA Urban Living hotel is always kept clean daily.

Choose SILA Urban Living – hotels in Ho Chi Minh City to make your trip extremely enjoyable with luxurious, elegant, and classy spaces. Let us have a chance to conquer customers worldwide by the culinary emphasis on every detail, every taste.

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