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Tips to getting a good deal on a hotel room  

With only a few small notes that everyone can easily make, you can book a good hotel in District 3, at a very attractive price. Let’s get into it and apply the tips to have an amazing trip and save cost.


Early bird booking

When the fewer hotel room left, the price will definitely increase. On the other hand, making the early booking helps you plan your trip better. In some countries, hotel booking confirmation is required for tourism when entering. Many hotels in Ho Chi Minh City offering discounts of 25-40% for early bird booking from 7 to14 days in advance. Let’s plan and book a hotel room as soon as you can to get good deals.

Identify the destination to find the most suitable hotel

Better to plan to pre-book a hotel nearby the attractions to save your time and enjoy more. For example, I traveled to India and only stayed in New Delhi for 24 hours. Then I have booked a hotel nearby the attractions in terms of easy transportation.

If you want to travel efficiently then I would recommend finding a hotel downtown. This sounds very normal, right? The point is hotels downtown is often more expensive than hotels on the edge of the city. Maybe you will be choosing the cheaper deal and book a hotel far from the downtown, but remember that the cost of traveling from the hotel to downtown sometimes more than the cost of a hotel downtown.

Book a hotel nearby public transportation. Why not? Especially, in some cities in which metro and buses are popular, booking a hotel near these public transportations will help you travel conveniently and quickly, saving lots of your time

Selecting bundled packages smartly

Most hotels or resorts often offer bundled packages such as breakfast, full board, spa, laundry, airport transfer. You better should calculate carefully to optimize your trip expenses because sometimes the package price is much cheaper than a single service.

Membership registration reward

Most of the hotels have policies to accumulate booking points for their membership. Please register to collect and keep track of your points. Booking points can be used for future booking at a very attractive price or event complimentary.

SILA has just shared some tips to help you to plan and book a good hotel in District 3 and fit with your budget.

In addition, if you are a leisure guest or a businessman coming to Ho Chi Minh City but do not know where to stay. Then, let’s come to SILA Urban Living Hotel – one of the best hotels and located in one of the most typical areas of HCM downtown, we regularly offer the best deals for our guests.

SILA Urban Living – The most preferred Apartment – Hotel for rent in Ho Chi Minh City


SILA has a total of 217 luxury serviced apartments, located at 21 Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC. With the desire of bringing trust and happiness to each guest, the SILA team always try to improve the services day by day even in the smallest service.

Coming to SILA is not only a place to stay but also a place for you to feel clear about the warmth and hospitality of the Vietnamese people. No matter where you are, SILA will help you feel like you are living in your most familiar, comfortable home.

Apart from the basic facilities, join us at our beloved Cocotte Bistro to satisfy your cravings. Cocotte Bistro to satisfy your cravings. Explore a menu serving Traditional and Authentic Bistro food from one of Saigon’s most exciting new restaurants and a bar where guests can hang out after stressful working. Especially the spa, the gym with fully modern equipment. At SILA, you will be deep in the paradise of dining, relaxing and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool of 20m length and many other facilities waiting for your experience.

If you are looking for a serviced apartment in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, please do not hesitate to call us for more information and best offer.

SILA Urban Living

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