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The meaning of “SILA” in SILA Urban Living

SILA Urban Living is a very interesting and meaningful name which chosen by our founder. In today’s article we will impart the meaning of the word “SILA”, which is very meaningful and interesting.

SILA is a popular Sanskrit word in Buddhist philosophy and has the meaning to observe commandments or laws. However, it doesn’t mean the strict rules or regulations at schools, companies or social organisations but it is the Buddhist discipline of abstinence. SILA includes two meanings: moral precepts (in terms of morality), and ethical behaviours or rules of conduct (in terms of practice).

In the first sense, it is derived from the Buddha’s teachings that advise people to avoid doing evil and kill living beings, practice good deeds, and keep a pure mind.

In the second sense, it is a philosophy of life, it encourages people to be fond of each other, love each other, understand each other, to unite and help each other to bring collective benefits, joy and true happiness to oneself and people around.

This is a positive meaning and plays an important moral role in human life and social community in any era. That is the meaning of the name SILA. The founder chose such a beautiful and meaningful name with a desire that SILA Urban Living will bring the best experience of joy and real peace for guests staying here.

SILA Urban Living – The luxury serviced apartment – Where Lifestyle Meets Harmony

With 217 apartments and located in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, SILA Urban Living offers guests a luxurious living place with a combination of a luxury hotel and the convenience of a modern apartment. It has full services and facilities to help improve the quality of your stay.

In addition, SILA cares about the quality of life of the guests. Therefore, it pays a lot of attention to the architecture of the apartment, as well as the ancillary works to bring the best to the customers’ living space. At No.21 Restaurant and Bar, you can enjoy rich cuisine, which is blend of European and Asian flavors, in a cozy yet luxurious space. The restaurant is one of the most amazing new restaurants in Saigon.


SILA Urban Living is proud to own a gym system that is fully equipped with the newest and most modern equipment in Vietnam.

The outdoor swimming pool area is also a regular meeting place for the residents. The modern salt electrolysis technology is equipped to optimize the disinfection process so that it is very safe for the health of residents.


SILA is not only a place to stay, but also a good place for you to experience in a deep way about the culture and hospitality of the Vietnamese people. Wherever you come from, SILA will help you feel as comfortable as if you are living in your own home. SILA’s desire is to bring peace of mind, fun and happiness to each guest, SILA team always tries to improve each day even in the smallest ones.


If you are looking for a serviced apartments Ho Chi Minh City District 3, do not hesitate to contact us!

SILA Urban Living

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