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The reason why serviced apartments attract foreigners to Vietnam to work

Currently, foreigners who come to Vietnam for work or tourism have chosen to rent serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City instead of hotels. So, what is the outstanding for serviced apartments that trusted by customers?

Here are reasons why serviced apartments always attract attention and are the first choice of foreigners to work in Vietnam. Let’s find out with SILA Urban Living!


1/Service apartment with good security

The security factor is highly appreciated in the serviced apartments, virtually eliminating the risk of theft, harassment, or disturbance, so customers are assured when they stay here because they will be protected.

The serviced apartments not only have security guard stations operating 24/7 professionally with experienced security staff full time on duty but also have a 24/24 security camera system to help detect quickly any problems that may occur.

Moreover, each serviced apartment is often equipped with a fire alarm system, a smoke alarm, and an RFID door lock system with a magnetic access card. As a result, it will ensure that strangers will not be able to break into the apartment area, as well as a system of utilities that helps to completely control the maintenance of safety for customers.

2/ Fully furnished – A place where life values sublimation

The serviced apartment has fully equipped with all the necessary amenities such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, television, refrigerator, bed, chair, hood, microwave, kettle, kitchen appliances, safe, cabinet, washing machine – dryer, Internet (Wi-Fi & LAN) …

Besides, there are many facilities available such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, restaurant & bar, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, yoga room. In particular, serviced apartments now have room cleaning service, daily towel change, and bed sheet change twice per week or change whenever requested.


With such a wide range of great amenities, when choosing to rent serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, all customers’ needs can be met without having to go far. At the same time, everyone will feel your life becomes convenient and comfortable as if you were in their own home.

3/ Affordable service apartments

Apartment rental services in Ho Chi Minh City currently have a variety of prices, affordable, suitable for many different subjects. Depending on the needs, budget, financial conditions, and working position, customers can easily choose.

If you choose to stay at the hotel, guests will be limited in amenities equipped in the room, facilities outside the area, and cannot cook. When staying in serviced apartments, customers will feel as comfortable as they are in their own homes. All costs are clearly shown in the lease to ensure the interests of customers. Therefore, serviced apartments are the optimal solution for foreigners in Vietnam, especially those who work for a long time.

4/ Clean and comfortable space


The serviced apartments have airy, modern space, spacious, quiet, and harmonious with nature, completely separate from the bustle and excitement of the city. The interior designs are intelligently and convenient for all daily customers’ activities with delicate, gentle but full vitality colors.

5/ Easily accessible transportation

Ho Chi Minh serviced apartments are located in convenient locations for transportation, easy to move to the city center and commercial centers, supermarkets, embassies, banks, or other culture and entertainment destinations..

Besides, customers can also ask for support from the reception and security team of the serviced apartment anytime to book a car, the direction to travel, or anything else.

Above are the reasons that Ho Chi Minh City serviced apartments attract foreigners to work in Vietnam. If you need serviced apartments, please do not hesitate to contact SILA Urban Living immediately for further information & our assistance.

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